Women's Giving Circle

Great Things Happen When Caring Women Gather

One Night. 150+ Women making $100 gifts.

Hear three compelling proposals that will support Olathe students with an innovative solution to a challenge or problem.

One $15,000 grant winner.

Spring 2019 Gathering

Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Ball Conference Center
21350 W. 153rd St., Olathe, KS 66061
6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Hosted by Women’s Giving Circle Sustaining Member Barb Hendricks.
Sustaining Member Renny Arensberg and KVC Health Systems, Inc. have generously provided the venue.
Now accepting grant applications for the Spring 2019 gathering.
Download a PDF or Word Application. Applications are due March 21.


Fall Women's Giving Circle Supports Leadership and STEM

Great things really do happen when caring women gather! Last night over 150 women participated in the fall 2018 gathering of the Olathe Public Schools Foundation’s Women’s Giving Circle. The women heard presentations for three proposed grants to address a challenge or problem impacting student achievement.

Members of the Women’s Giving Circle voted to award Ridgeview Elementary a $10,000 grant to help implement the Leader in Me program. The Leader in Me program is a 4-year program that empowers students with the skills they will need in the 21st century. The program is based on the premise that every child has unique strengths and abilities to become leaders. This program explicitly teaches students the 7 Habits of Happy Kids and embeds these habits into the culture of the school.

“We believe that this program will help us reach our students in so many ways - from social, emotional and character development to personal management and relationship skills,” said Ridgeview Elementary Principal Kim Thorup.

Staff will be trained in how to develop leadership skills and to help the students evolve into leaders. Implementing this program is expected to benefit students in many ways including increasing their ability to set goals and see them through, and in emotional regulation, self-efficacy, self-management and social awareness.  These benefits are expected to have a far-reaching impact, even resulting in improved test scores.

Ridgeview Elementary is a Title 1 school with a high number of English Language Learners and a poverty rate of 80%.

Members were so excited by the other proposals, that the Women’s Giving Circle committee decided to provide a seed funding grant for each of the additional two proposals. Westview Elementary teacher John McCormick received $5,000 towards his program to expose students to computer science early and to encourage interest in computer technology. Oregon Trail Middle School teacher Jessica Sadler received $5,000 to revitalize learning within the classroom with the addition of hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) manipulatives and tools.

The Women’s Giving Circle meets twice a year to hear three solutions to overcome an obstacle to learning. Spring proposals address student innovation and fall proposals address student need. Each member donates $100, which directly funds the gathering’s winning grant.

The Women’s Giving Circle has awarded $115,000 in grants to Olathe classrooms since Spring 2014. The Olathe Women’s Giving Circle will meet again in the spring to award a $15,000 innovation grant. Call 913-780-8222 to learn more.


Fall Gathering By the Numbers

More than 70 women attended the Fall gathering
154 Members total
126 Sustaining Members
14 new Members
4 new Sustaining Members

Become a Sustaining Member

OPSF Women's Giving Circle Sustaining Members commit $100 twice a year, for the Spring and Fall gatherings.  These generous women listed below have pledged their ongoing support - and you can join them! 

Contact the Foundation at 913-780-8222, make your commitment and have your name added to this list of extraordinary women.  Your continued support is needed to maintain our tradition of awarding one deserving project funding of $10,000 or more!

Linda Albee

Dawn Albers

Dr. Pat All

Ramie Allison

Sara Anderson

Renny Arensberg

Alison Balcom

Dr. Alison Banikowski

DeNeese Barclay

Melissa Barton

Katie Beaudin

Judy Berry

Cheryl Biesterfeld

Candy Birch

Kristi Bobek

Joy Bondurant

Carly Boothe

Kathy Brogden

Susan Brooks

Kendri Burkett

Natalie Byrnes

Kate Capps

Heidi Cashman

Carol Chartrand

Debbie Chiaverini

JoAnn Colt

Jane Conner

Raleen Cox

Emily Ferrall Cullinan

Lindsay Dandoy

Mimi Eckart

Jennifer Eddings

Cindy England

LeEtta Felter

Laura Fitzsimmons

Rebecca Francis

Shobha Gardi

Desiree George

Peggy Graham

Denise Griffey

Marlys Hankins

Barb Hendricks

Amy Herman

Denise Herman

Melissa Hess

Karen Hooven

Michelle Horton

Sandy Howell

Charlene Hughes

Nancy Ingram

Terri Jarboe

Debbie Jasiczek

Barb Jewell

Pegah Karstens

Sandy Keating

Kelli Kern-Denner

Christy Klein

Lana Knop

Katie Kohler

Peg Lenzen

Sarah Lister

Amy Martin

Pat McCartney

Ann McCort

Nikki McDonald

Jenny McCune

JoDee McGraw

Jennifer McKenna

 Stacie McKee

Cindy Medina

Jennifer Mehnert

Dr. Tes Mehring

Jean Melech

Laurie Minard

Julia Meyer

Sara Misemer

Deann Mitchell

Sara Mitchell

Diana Moormeier

Jill Murray

Kathy Musgrave

Jane Musgrove

Danielle Myers

Jenny Nehrbass

Sybil Orman

Dawn Peterson

Cristan Philipp

Aly Plunkett

Dr. Gwen Poss

Debbie Ramirez Koch

Judy Rapp

Stacy Rezek

Jennifer Robins

Lisa Rock

Tiffany Rogers

Stephanie Royer

Brandi Russell

Kristin Schultz

Angela Schweller

Susan Sherman

Tammy Siegrist

Paula Slifer

Dr. Jamie Smiley

Jenny Smith

Alice Snider

Manjari Srivastava

Linda Starrett

Theresa Stoker

Debbie Swinney

Jennifer Sykes

Els Thermote

Heather Tucker

Kathi Tully

Debbie Underwood

Jennifer Utting

Natalie VanLiew

Jayne Vehlewald

Cindy VonFeldt

Debi Weaver

Joyce Webb

Jana Weltmer

Linda Wetzel

Pam Wilkinson

Julie Wood

Mazie Yewell

Suzie Zimmerman