From Breakout Rooms to Brass Mutes - Cycle I Grant Recipients

More than $49,000 in Foundation grants were distributed to classrooms all over Olathe last week.  Covering everything from service projects to the arts, the winning grants are a reflection of the skills and support that students need to be successful in school and in life.

If you know a teacher who has a great idea for their classroom and needs funding to make it happen, encourage them to apply for a Foundation grant!

2017-2018 Cycle I - Grant Recipients
Bentwood Elementary - Busy Bins - Nancy Smith
Briarwood Elementary - BACK TO BASICS: Using Purposeful Play to Promote Fine and Gross Motor Skills - Sharla Sommer and Ginny Stimac
California Trail Middle School - Deciphering the Code - CT DNA Electrophoresis - Meg Richard and Adam Goad
Chisholm Trail Middle School - Silent Brass Mutes in the Band Classroom - Owen C. Evans
Chisholm Trail Middle School - 3-D Design and Printing - David Haines
Claire Learning Center - Calm Classrooms in the Midst of Chaos - Rob Shipley
Countryside Elementary - Building to Learn - Alison Berg and Kari Coen
Indian Creek Elementary - Technology for the 21st Century Student - Chelsea Harris
Indian Trail Middle School - Help for Billy Book Study - Tim Murray
Mission Trail Middle School - Classroom Breakout - Kristin Fulps
Olathe Advanced Technical Center - Classroom to Community Service - Amy Stolz
Olathe East - Three-Dimensional Art Studio Renovation - John Derby
Olathe North Olathe North - CBR Business Project - Andy Casptermeyer and Colleen Farthing
Olathe Northwest High School - BRIGHT IDEAS and Critical Skills in PHYSICS! - Chris Zuck, Dina Wingfield, Matt Peterie, Drew Smith, and Tim Kuhlman
Olathe Northwest High School - Mirrors & Windows Book Clubs - Jessica Skoglund & Angie Powers
Olathe Northwest High School - PE Activities Project Spikeball - Christiane Branstrom
Olathe Northwest High School -  Pottery Wheels - Tim Barnes
Olathe Northwest High School - SEW Artful - Lisa Hirsch
Olathe South High School - OS LMC Makerspace - Megan Roberts
Olathe South High School - Bench Expansion in the Greenhouse - Graham Rees
Olathe South High School - Throwing for the Future - Julie Weatherford
Oregon Trail Middle School - Breakout of the Social Studies Class - Amanda Magee
Regency Place Elementary - "Chillax" - Greg Oborny and Shelley Blackwell
Santa Fe Trail Middle School - How to Think Not WHAT to Think - Summer Cowick