Olathe Public Schools Foundation News Releases

Enjoy a night out and help Olathe's most vulnerable youth at the Taste of the Town Saturday, March 23 at 6:30 p.m. in the Embassy Suites Ballroom.

The event will feature the O-Town Thrown Down, an epic culinary throw down, pitting four Olathe Culinary Arts Program senior students partnered with professional chefs in a battle for victory!

You also will enjoy:

The Olathe Public Schools Foundation, in cooperation with private donors, continues to support Olathe students after they have graduated by offering college scholarships. The scholarships are competitive and available through online application unless otherwise specified. Some application deadlines are as early as March 1. Do you know an Olathe senior? Learn more here. 

December is a busy time with much of our focus directed toward preparing for the holiday season. Right behind the holidays is the new year. If you haven’t yet made your end of year gift, there’s still time. Consider making a gift to the Olathe Public Schools Foundation’s Braden Robertson Fund.

The Olathe Public Schools Foundation Classroom Grant program helps support innovative and need-based programs in Olathe schools. This week the Foundation awarded more than $37,000 for 22 programs at every level of learning (early childhood through high school).
This #GivingTuesday OPSF fundraising efforts shined a spotlight on the ALL Fund.

21st Annual Autumn Breakfast attendees met Azalia, a recent OATC graduate so committed to giving back to those who supported her in school, she saved $1,500 to provide scholarships for future students. Her story inspired others there to follow her lead – donating $20,000 to a scholarship fund established in her name.

Nearly 800 Olathe School District supporters came together Friday, November 2 to support the Olathe Public Schools Foundation at the Annual Autumn Breakfast. Breakfast attendees were entertained by Olathe South High School band students and the Madison Place Elementary Special Chorus.

The Olathe Public Schools Foundation Classroom Grant program changes schools for the better, one program at a time.

Great things really do happen when caring women gather! Septenmber 25 over 150 women participated in the fall 2018 gathering of the Olathe Public Schools Foundation’s Women’s Giving Circle. The women heard presentations for three proposed grants to address a challenge or problem impacting student achievement.

 Dr. B's Musical Instrument Fund helps provide musical instruments for students for whom the cost of buying or renting an instrument is a challenge. Learn how you can support these students.