Staff Campaign

Invest in Excellence

2017 OPSF Staff Campaign

Every day, you make a difference simply through the choice you've made to serve children, investing your talents in creating the best learning environment possible for our children. For that...we thank you. 

We respectfully ask that you consider taking your investment in their future one step more, with a tax-deductible contribution to the Olathe Public Schools Foundation through the 10th Annual OPSF Staff Campaign.




  1. Make your gift today online with a credit/debit card.
  2. Make your gift today by sending in a check.
  3. Make your payroll-deduct pledge online. Your gift will be deducted in equal installments from eight paychecks, September through December, 2017. The minimum donation to use payroll deduct is $5 per paycheck.

To make your gift today by credit/debit card:
To make your gift today online, simply click this button to make your one-time gift online. You can choose to support OPSF’s Area of Greatest Need or any other of our funds. Note: Each online gift of this type may only be directed to one fund and may NOT be split between funds. To support more than one fund, you will need to make separate gifts.

I want to make a gift today via credit card.


To make your gift today by check:
To make your gift today by check, simply click this button to download the appropriate form or use the form you received at the building presentation.

I want to make a gift today via check.


To make your payroll-deduction pledge, fill out the information below: